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Westark Web Development is a creation which began as a hobby in 1996, but quickly acquired a few commercial clients who saw my work and wanted simple, clean, affordable web sites.

Over the years, I learned that my clients didn't want a lot of bells & whistles... they wanted simple, fast loading pages without annoying animations or large photos or graphics, and they wanted their customers to quickly find what they were seeking.  I don't have the equipment or high-priced programming necessary for fancy or extremely high-resolution graphics, but I will try to find something that will fit my clients' needs.

I rely heavily on CSS and Javascripts to get my work done quickly, and to keep the spammers' web-bots from harvesting any email addresses that appear on the web pages. I don't 'boiler-plate' documents, although I have developed a number of templates for repetitive tasks based on whatever my clients are selling. This keeps costs down, since I bill primarily on hourly rates.  See the links on the right for details.

Current Clients:

Since 2010

Little Groundhog Manufacturing, Inc., Vilonia, Arkansas. Manufacturer of meter boxes and marker signs for public and private water distribution systems.  Custom boxes and custom signs are available in just about any configuration.

Since 2009

First Free Will Baptist Church, Booneville, Arkansas.  Booneville's only Free Will Baptist Church, pastored by Rue Dell Smith. A sub-domain of this site, for the time being.

Since 2009

South Logan County Public Water, Booneville, Arkansas.  Rural water distribution system serving over 600 residents of the communities of Sugar Grove, Ione, and unincorporated areas north and south of Booneville.

Since 2007

Beach Bum Trolley, LLC, Pensacola, Florida. Sucessor corporation to Beach Boy Trolley, with expanded services including airport transfers to and from Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and nearby communities. Owner and CEO Tom McKean specializes in organizing transportation and facilities for numerous military Reunions in the Pensacola area; wedding charters, private parties, and general charter service.

Since 2005

Nomad Transportation, Mesa, Arizona.  Another trolley company engaged in sales, refurbishing, and service of several manufactured brands of rubber-tired trolleys, along with specialty equipment - "trackless trains," new and used Trams and miscellaneous artifacts of years ago.

Since 2001

Blocher Lodge No. 247, Booneville, Arkansas  A local Masonic Lodge, chartered in 1870. I developed this web site along with a Microsoft Access membership database during my tenure as Master of the Lodge. A project of necessity which evolved into a side business of sales and support of a number of membership database applications for other Masonic Lodges around Arkansas.

Since 1998

Beach Bum Trolley Corporation, Pensacola, Florida.  A companion company of Boyertown Trolley Corporation, specializing in trolley refurbishing, sales, service, Charter services and shuttle routes in and around Pensacola.

Since 1997

Boyertown Trolley Corporation, Pensacola, Florida. - Manufacturer and Distributor of Boyertown Trolleys, as well as parts and maintenance for a series of well-known Trolleys manufactured by others.  

Since 1996

Simmons Family In Arkansas, Booneville, Arkansas - Not exactly a client, this is my own Genealogy Site containing 16 generations of Simmons ancestors.  There are currently 1,721 names in 587 families in this tree (10 Aug 2011).  This project is what eventually led to web site development for others.

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